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Staikos Homes is proud to have been building quality homes for over four decades. Each of our current projects have become home for many military families for a variety of reasons:

Location All 3 of our locations provide easy access to local Military Bases, as they are all located just a few minutes off the 401. Appledene park is just around the corner from CFB Trenton and from Belleville its a mere 15 minute drive to CFB Trenton and 45 minutes to CFB Kingston, or 30 minutes either way from Napanee.

Neighborhood – Each of our locations are tucked away on the outer limits of their respective urban centres. There are no busy streets or intersections, no traffic lights, no trains, and no through traffic

Convenience – Being located just outside of town, our locations provide great access to dining, entertainment, shopping, sporting and cultural events

 Education – Belleville has some of the best private and public schools around. For older students, Queens University in Kingston, which offers one of the premier post-secondary educations in Canada, and St. Lawrence and Loyalist Colleges are only a short commute from any of our locations

Selection – Staikos homes is continually building our inventory of homes. Our homebuyers have the ability to choose a home that has already been started, or build a home from scratch on one of our many available lots.

Flexibility – if you have more time, we will customize a home for you, even start a complete new design. Our “in-house” home designer will help you design and finish the home you choose exactly to your specifications.

 Finishes – all of the finishing touches of your home are chosen from high quality materials in our “on site” design center. There is no need to travel to many different suppliers, everything is here. We also provide guidance throughout the selection to help you with all of your choices.

Convenience – Purchasers deal directly with the builder. Many of our purchasers have limited time and enjoy being able to come directly to us and, if they desire, they can have a home purchased and the paperwork done in the same day. Once the papers are signed (and many times before) the selection process for all of the finishes can take place. This is important to our military families as many of them have limited time on their house-hunting trip and cannot afford to waste time.

 Delayed closings – If a purchaser has a home to sell and is unsure of the closing date that they require, we can incorporate a delayed closing into the offer to purchase. Many of our Military families need to make a commitment to move here, and want to have us complete their home as soon as possible. However, from time to time, they have a home to sell and it is difficult to match up the closing date. In some cases we can delay a closing for weeks or even months to allow you time to sell your home and close both homes on the same day.

Quality – Staikos Homes is widely known as being the premier home builder in the area, and purchasers know they are getting great quality.

 Re-sale value – Military families know that re-sale value is very important. Staikos-built homes are known to have some of the best re-sale values of any new home builder

Service – Staikos Homes is continually striving to offer the best service available. We pride ourselves at going above and beyond the warranty requirements.

Peace of mind – Occasionally, our military families are put in a position where one of the members must leave the country for periods of time. Our military families know that if they require advice or assistance with basic home maintenance, we are only a phone call away. Our offices are on site and we are more than happy to help in any way.